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Who We Are

Welcome to Rifi Food Industries Nigeria Limited, a pioneering agro-allied conglomerate founded in January 2014 with a vision to revolutionize the agricultural sector in Nigeria and Africa. At Rifi Food Industries, we are committed to enhancing food security, promoting sustainable and organic farming practices, and adding value to the agricultural value chain

What began as a small farm a decade ago has evolved into a conglomerate of
agro-allied companies, comprising three key sub-divisions: RIFI FARMS, RIFI
AGRO MART, and RIFI CONSULTANCY. With over 100 acres of farmland across
Nigeria and a dedicated team of more than 40 staff members, we have grown
exponentially while remaining true to our core values and mission.

Our Sub-Divisions

Rifi Farms is our flagship division, specializing in pro-organic farming, crop
cultivation, and animal husbandry. We are passionate about providing
affordable, fresh, and organic food products that improve the quality of life for
Nigerians. Moreover, we are committed to empowering the youth and
promoting food security through education, training, and consultancy services.

Focus Areas:

Mixed Farming: Specializing in crop cultivation and animal husbandry with
a strong focus on organic farming practices to provide affordable, fresh,
and organic food products.

Education and Training:

Committed to empowering the youth and
aspiring/new farmers through education, training, and support. We believe
in nurturing the next generation of farmers in Nigeria towards attaining food
security and self-reliance.
Rifi Food Industries.

 Seedling Production: Engaged in the production of healthy seedlings of
various crops to place in the hands of as many farmers as possible, thereby
spurring food production and contributing to agricultural growth.

Key Activities:

  • Crop cultivation
  • Animal husbandry (pig, fish, and poultry farming)
  • Seedling production
  • Plantation activities
  • Horticulture
  • Educational Courses for new and small-scale farmers

Rifi Agro Mart is a comprehensive one-stop shop for all agricultural
stakeholders. We offer a wide range of high-quality agricultural products and

services, including:

  • Fertilizers, farm equipment, and implements
  • Animal feeds
  • Agrochemicals and agro machines
  • Fresh, dry, processed, and packaged farm produce

Our consultancy division, Rifi Consultancy, provides access to quality
professional training and advice in specialized areas of agriculture. We cater to
stakeholders in the agricultural sector, offering expert agricultural advice,
training programs, and consultancy services to contribute to the growth and
development of the agricultural industry.

What We   Offer


We believe in the power of partnership and work collaboratively with your team to develop and implem

Packaged farm produce

fresh fruits and vegetables to processed goods like jams, sauces, and canned products

Agrochemicals and agro machines

new technologies and practices, farmers can maximize efficiency, minimize environmental impact.

Fertilizers and farm equipment

we cultivate a future of abundance and prosperity for farmers around the world.

Animal feeds

Our animal feeds are meticulously formulated to meet the specific nutritional requirements of each s

Mixed Farming

we're delivering fresh, affordable, and organic products straight from our farm to your table.

Crop cultivation

we nurture our crops with care and precision, harnessing the power of nature to yield wholesome


With careful planning and thoughtful design, we create landscapes that enchant the senses and nouris

Seedling Production

we plant the seeds of progress, contributing to a future where agricultural prosperity abound.

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